PokerStars hold a couple of aces in Nevada

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pokerstars-hold-acesLast week saw a number of interesting developments in the online gaming industry in Nevada with a deal between 888 and Caesars followed by an online poker bill being submitted.

PokerStars have quite the vested interest in anything that happens on the online poker front in North America and with a former Gaming Control Board member on their side then they’re likely to reap some kind of reward.

Stars recently hired Randall Sayre, a state gaming agent and division chief for 26 years, and four years on the control board, as a consultant with the obvious view to helping them when the landscape in the USA is a lot smoother.

Of Internet gaming regulations, Sayre last week said, “We can stand on the beach and let it wash over us, or we can recognize the potential economic opportunity for the state.”

The bill that was introduced in the state last week is backed by PokerStars and as such has the backing of Sayre. Former Nevada Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins, who has been hired as their legislative lobbyist, also introduced the bill.

“I see Internet gaming as the next extension of how Nevada reinvents itself,” Perkins said. “This is the growth vehicle for the gaming industry worldwide.”

Sayre then finished by saying, “PokerStars is a significant company that is looking to advance its agenda.”

In Sayre and Perkins, PokerStars does have significant influence in the US online poker market at any level but especially in Nevada but whether this makes any difference to their entry into the market remains to be seen.


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