Rinna fired, Celebrity Apprentice gets catty

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Celebrity Apprentice has been surging in popularity since the show began. It’s a different feel from it’s counterpart The Apprentice in that many of these celebrities don’t have MBA’s but as we say last night, that doesn’t mean they aren’t cut-throat business people.

Last night on Celebrity Apprentice Lisa Rinna was fired. Star Jones and Dionne Warwick teamed up and took Lisa Rinna to the woodshed. It was clear that Lisa Rinna wasn’t prepared for the all out attack that Star Jones and Dionne Warwick had in store for her and she crumbled under the pressure, one might even say she got herself fired.

In an age where reality television is more accurately described as scripted reality television, the on-camera interactions between Star Jones and Lisa Rinna were refreshingly authentic. These two women really don’t like each other, at least that’s how it came across, particularly during Lisa Rinna’s “F bomb” laced rant at Star Jones for “throwing her under the bus”. I didn’t those sweet surgically reduced lips could be so vulgar. It’s been rumored that behind the scenes, things became so heated between Rinna and Jones that the NBC legal team had to step in. I think that’s hype.

It looks like Star Jones and Dionne Warwick have a bit of an alliance going on, and the rest of Team ASAP could be in trouble. It’s really easy to see why bettors enjoy betting on Celebrity Apprentice.

With uncertainty surrounding how long the NFL lockout will last, sportsbooks would do well to sure up their entertainment offerings.


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