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iowa-steals-marchA popular notion in the gaming industry seems to be that it’s only a matter of time before online the legal and regulated online gambling market opens up in the United States of America. Where there is some division is on the matter of just how, when and where the legalization of online gambling will begin.

We polled the question, “Who will be the first to regulate Online Gambling in the US?” Here are the results.

With a majority of the votes, 43% believe California will be the first state to regulate Online Gambling. California is a popular choice with good reason. For any state that seriously considers legalizing weed, regulating online gambling should be a walk in the park. California has been pushing SB 40 but has met resistance from the California Tribal Business Alliance.

Florida came in second, collecting 20% of the votes and New Jersey came in third with 15% of the votes. Florida has their own bill they’re trying to move forward, the bill has bipartisan support and has been sponsored by Democrat Senate Representative Joseph Abruzzo and Republican Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla. If this poll had been taken a few weeks ago, before Governor Christie vetoed the online gambling bill, the Garden State might have been the favourite.

Iowa garnered 11% of the votes as there has been some movement in that state towards online gambling, apparently our voters weren`t all that impressed with the progress. In fact, our voters gave the possibility of online gambling regulation at the Federal level the same amount of support as they did with regulation in Iowa, with just 11% believing that to be a possibility.

No other states received any votes.


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