Research finds wired better than Wi-Fi

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wifi-beats-wiredAnyone that uses Wi-Fi to access their broadband will know the drill.

Your router is downstairs in the communal area and you want to head upstairs to spend some “alone time” with laptop and said Wi-Fi Internet connection. You arrive at the top of the house out of breath as if you’ve done a marathon and then it hits you.

The wireless bars are hovering perilously on one out of five and any under the counter activity that you might have thought you were getting involved with is now completely out of the question.

Today is another case of “was there really any point” after research has revealed that on average people that opted to swan off around the house whilst surfing the net received a far worse speed then those willing to tough it out with a wired connection.

“People are voting with their feet and trading speed for the benefits of mobility,” said Iain Wood, from network measurement firm Epitiro, which carried-out the study.

They were “surprised” by how much it did drop off and unless web surfing or emailing it’s thought to be virtually impossible to do anything else. No MMORPG, no online poker, and absolutely no streaming video or TV.

That means that if you wanted to bet on a game using a sports betting website that was streaming the very same match it would be fairly hard to do so unless you stood next to the router with it plugged in for the next hour or so.

We’re not even going to speculate how you could watch porn and stand by the router at the same time but try it. It’s sure to give some interesting results.


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