Emmitt Smith joins Full Tilt

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Ouch, just thinking about Emmitt Smith makes me think of the NFL and the possibility of an NFL lockout…Sorry, let’s stick to happy thoughts.

Full Tilt happily announced that they would be adding NFL legend and arguably the best running back of all time to their roster with the addition of Emmitt Smith.

Now, the 41 year-old Florida born star has become a member of the site’s Friends of Full Tilt roster, which is reserved for some of the world’s top entertainers and athletes. Emmitt Smith fits in nicely amongst a bevy of competitive stars including Mario Andretti, James Blake and Matt Hughes.

Emmitt isn’t exactly as much of a stud at the poker tables like he was on the grid-iron, but like football, it’s all about love for the games.
After being eliminated after playing for just three hours at the WSOP, Smith let everyone know he was still learning the game. “I’m learning more about the game. From that last hand, I learned a little bit, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. You’ve got to be able to get the cards. You’ve got to be able to understand when to bet, when not to bet. And then you just go from there.”

We can’t blame Smith for not being a poker stud, considering the NFL doesn’t even allow its players to play in charity games.


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