China’s “green dam” breached

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china-green-dam-breachedThe country with the world’s second largest economy has seen their infamous “green dam” over the Internet breached by students in the country.

China’s put in place the firewall to keep out content they didn’t want entering the country, such as pornographic material and access to gambling sites, and allows the population access to a limited amount of sites.

According to an electrical technology major at Yanshan University in Qinhuangdao going by the name of He Xin has figured out a way to surpass the filter using a free Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This could realistically give the estimated 457 million Internet users in the Far East nation access to sites such as Facebook and even online gambling sites that have up until now been blocked to all those in the country.

An expert in computing and lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, Alvin Chan, said: “Proxy servers are a key technology that is at the center of how the Internet works, so it can’t simply be indiscriminately banned,” whilst adding that the way VPNs are being used is an “unintended offshoot,” of the networks.

Asia as a whole is likely to be the next area of the planet that we see huge growth in the world of online gaming. A number of firms have already started to set up bases and sign deals with firms in China but you feel it’s still going to take quite a while for the world’s fastest growing economy to even consider opening up their Internet to anything other than benign traffic.


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