Georgia looking to the horses

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georgia-looks-to-the-horsesAnother US state have also thrown their hat in the gambling ring but this time it’s all about the land-based sector.

Georgia may see an expansion of legalized gambling in the state as a constitutional amendment received a unanimous vote of confidence from a House committee midway through last week.

Fans of racing in the state have waited for around 20 years for the bill to receive a second round of talks and it seems like the economy being in the doldrums may well have forced the state’s hand.

Carl Bouckaert, a carpet magnate, was one of the proponents of the original and commented: “No question in my mind that when this thing gets a little traction, you will see people coming out of the woodwork everywhere because the whole state of Georgia benefits. Georgia is, outside of Atlanta, a rural state.”

Rep. Alan Powell (R-Hartwell) is a committee member and thinks that more needs to be don’t to stress the benefits that the bill will brings, which includes 10,000 jobs and the benefits to education from betting.

The amendment still needs to receive two thirds of the vote in the full House and Senate and must also be approved by voters at the next general election. After that any part of the country that wants to have a track built would need local approval but once those obstacles are negotiated then it won’t be long until we see racing in Georgia – around 2015 to be exact.


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