PPA moving on past Christie`s veto

TAGs: Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Raymond Lesniak

veto billGovernor Christie`s decision to veto the New Jersey online gambling bill was a major disappointment to proponents of the bill and those that had worked tirelessly to push the bill as far as the governor`s desk.

Senator Raymond Lesniak was one of the people that pushed the hardest for the bill, but from all accounts, he`s not done pushing either. Lesniak commented in a press release, “While the governor expressed concern with some aspects of the bill today, he’s committed to the general idea that we have to expand gaming product in order to bring our gaming industry back from the brink of fiscal insolvency. I’m encouraged that he’s expressed an interest to work together to maintain the core idea behind internet wagering.”

The PPA`s reaction to the decision by the NJ governor had a hint of optimism. In a statement made by by former Senator, and chairman of the PPA, Alfonse D’Amato.

“We firmly believe that licensing and regulating online poker is the best and most effective way to protect consumers, protect Americans’ internet freedom and generate much needed revenue,” D’Amato said. “However, the PPA also firmly believes that given the borderless nature of the internet, these interests would be best served by federal legislation that would provide licensing and regulation of interstate poker, as opposed to state-by-state regulation, whereby players in New Jersey could only play with other players in the Garden State.”

You have to love the optimism with the PPA, but federal legislation seems like a real long way away. In fact, one would assume that state by state regulation was more of a possible reality than regulation on the federal level.


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