Goal line technology suffers set back

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goal-line-technology-a-way-offEvery company that submitted plans to FIFA to operate goal line technology has failed miserably at the first hurdle.

Plans to implement the technology were hastened after the summer’s World Cup saw England’s Frank Lampard disallowed a goal that was a full foot over the German line.

In all ten companies took part in trials last week but none of them were able to pass FIFA’s stringent tests that required each company to achieve 100% accuracy and have results relayed back to the officiating team within one second.

Taking place in Zurich, many believe that the tests were not conducted in the right atmosphere and in addition, an artificial pitch being used meant that one of those at the forefront of video technology declined to take part.

English firm Hawk-Eye’s well-established product, which is currently being used in cricket, was not on show as they cited a lack of stadium and realistic crowd.

A FIFA spokesperson explained that: “The results of the tests will go to the International Football Association Board meeting [at Celtic Manor on 5 March] and it will decide.”

Those hoping that something will be in place by the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be disheartened by the latest news and it looks like we could have another Lampard on our hands any time now.

Although anyone who saw the goal may wonder, how the officials didn’t manage to catch it crossing the line in normal time. Apparently, they had the wrong spectacles on for the South African light.


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