More problems for the BCLC


Let me just ask Daddy which one he wants

Information obtained by a QMI Agency is showing that very little is being done to stop gambling by under-aged gamblers in the province of British Columbia. The BCLC has been heavily criticized for this by other political groups. As reported in the Toronto Sun, NDP critic Shane Simpson said,

“The lottery corporation is not taking the steps necessary to check to see whether the laws are being enforced…What are they doing to satisfy themselves and the public that in fact they’re on top of this issue?”

BCLC CEO Michael Graydon referred QMI Agency to the BCLC media relations department; which is a media department that has certainly had its hands full as of late.

It seems like it’s just one issue after another with the BCLC.’s privacy issues and professional failures are still fresh in the memories of BC residents and this issue of under-aged children gambling won’t exactly help with a vote of confidence in the BCLC.

This issue is the last thing the Las Vegas casino group Paragon needs to be in the news right now, as they are fighting their own battles in Vancouver, BC to build a mega casino. Those plans have hit a snag due an aggressive campaign from an anti-gambling coalition known as “Vancouver, not Vegas!”

This issue should only add fuel to the fire.


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