Two temperamental sport stars lose it

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sport-stars-go-madRicky Ponting celebrated being dismissed by Zimbabwe by knocking seven shades of sh!t out of a television monitor continuing a year that has so far seen sport’s stars acting as if they need a motherly figure to guide them.

Not known for his calm temperament, Ponting decided that being dismissed against a side that is ranked well below the Aussies is reason in itself to take it out on the nearest piece of technology in the changing room. A bat, a TV, and a matter of minutes later Mr Ponting’s frustration was dispelled and TVs around the world were able to purr away safely once again.

It isn’t the first time and certainly not the last that a sport star will lose it this coming year and Rino Gattuso’s attempted assault on Joe Jordan is one of those that didn’t go unnoticed.

During his time playing, the 60-year-old Jordan was known as a bit of a hard man, to the extent that most agreed he could still give the wily Italian a kicking. Note to Jordan: if you want an example of the last time a pension age coach decide to get involved search “Don Zimmer gets taken down” on YouTube. You won’t be disappointed.

For his troubles, Gattuso has now been banned for four games; this should really be quashed in favor of a no holds barred street fight between the two. The Rock returned to the squared circle so why can’t Jordan get back to the fight game?

Back to Ponting and we’ll now just wait with anticipation for the next time he’s run out. After yet another reaction, we can only speculate he was pelted with balls in childhood and hated it when they hit what he was protecting.


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