Downtime fun guide for GES Panama City

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For those industry professionals mixing it up and partying it up in Panama City, Panama for the 2011 GES, here’s a little guide on how to turn downtime into fun-time.

For those adventurous types attending the Gaming Executive Summit in Panama City, you might want to venture out into the wild on your downtime. You can’t get more adventurous than Volcanoes right? So why not check out an extinct volcano caldron called El Valle? It’s located just about an hour or so, outside the city. It has a canopy tours zip line located in the mountain town of El Valle de Anton, and you can have hours of fun blasting full speed down that zip line.

There’s also a number of trails you can explore if you’re the super “out-doorsy” nature type.

If you’re not into heart-pounding zip line action then you might want to check out the Old City, or Casco Viejo. This city was originally a military strong point given its prime location on the peninsula, but now it’s nothing more than a hot bed for tourists that love to eat and gamble. The city has a mix of European style eateries that are fairly upscale. But if you’re looking for the real entertainment, the casinos are where it’s at. I’m not going to hype it like these are Vegas or Macau style casinos, but they’re still fun.

Really, the old city is a perfect place to take a special someone. They’re still rebuilding the city but it’s has a rich sense of history. You can check out the presidential palace, view the ocean-side dungeons and beautiful landscape, it all makes for quite the Romantic experience.

If it’s not sappy romance that you’re looking for, then you might want to check out the Crazy Horse Show Club in Panama City. The Crazy Horse is a well known gentlemen’s club with English speaking girls, if you like that sort of thing. It does offer new and exciting options, including lap dances, VIP dances and private dances in their exclusive jacuzzi or shower! They also have VIP rooms for rent if the guys want to get together and throw an after Party.

After the conference cocktail party, you just might end up extending your stay in Panama.


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