Hills relaunches telephone betting offshore

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hills-relaunch-phone-bettingMidway through last year William Hill were offered some cheap airline tickets, on Easyjet, to join all their mates over in Gibraltar and jumped at the chance. The tender of sun, sand, sangria, and less online gaming tax was almost enough to cause the company to pay the extra bit for an airline meal ticket.

Amongst the operations that were moved to Britain’s own exiled rock, was the group’s telephone betting operation that has now been re-launched by the veteran of the gambling industry.

After 70 years in the industry, according to Casino Times UK, Hills’ telephone betting arm will be led by Kellie Quigley and enables new and existing customers to take advantage of all William Hills’ betting operations via their telephone. Everything from poker, casino, bingo, sports and loads more will be available to customers who decide that telephone betting is the way to go.

Telephone betting has been around for some time now but the fact that such a renowned brand has again relaunched its brand will mean that betting is again available to masses without the internet or mobile phone that are unable to access it from their own home.

William Hill, however, may well be starting to regret the plan to move offshore after the British coalition government announced their plans to revamp gambling laws seeing different rules for offshore gambling companies. This is when they wished they’d not disconnected their BT landline. They no longer do that thing where they welcome you back with open arms guys!


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