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If you’re an industry professional and you want to keep up with every single known industry event taking place this year and in years to come, there’s only one place you can trust and that’s the Calvin CA Online Gambling Events & Conference Directory. It’s simply the best in the business.

Not only does this events calendar have all the major industry events; but it also has the lesser known ones that can sneak up on you. Not only is it the best events calendar in the business; it’s the only comprehensive one that covers all the gaming conferences and industry events. I know what it sounds like, but this is not hype. Hype would be if I said it’s better than sex, it’s not, but it’s sexy good.

There’s two separate parts to this phenomenal professional planning tool: There is the Online Gambling Events Directory and there’s the Online Gambling Conference Directory. To say that the Online Gambling Conference Directory is simply a list of all the gambling conferences would be selling it short. Not only does this directory list every single gambling conference you can think of, but it also lists countless Marketing, Business and SEO, conferences for the entire year. In this directory alone, are all the tools and dates that an industry professional would need to further his/her personal professional development and that of his/her’s business.

The Online Gambling Events Directory is the second part of this one of a kind planning device for the industry professional. The Online Gambling Events Directory lists every major industry event ranging from major events like the eGaming Review B2B Awards, iGaming Spring Social to other fantastic events like the Roaring 20’s Casino Gala and the GPWA/APCW Networking & Cocktail Party.

But the Online Gambling Events Directory doesn’t stop with just gaming industry events, it also includes an extensive and exhaustive listing of every major Sporting event in the calendar year. It has everything. I’m not just talking about the major sports like NFL, NBA, Premier League, NHL, PGA, no sir! I mean it has everything, that means from F1 racing to golf, to horse racing to the special Olympics! Everything!

Perhaps almost more exhaustive than the sports, is the Poker calendar, which lists every single poker event you could imagine and a few of them you probably didn’t know existed.

It’s not hype when I say this calendar is the best in the business. It’s perfect for any industry professional looking further their professional development or grow their business. And for any sportsbook and poker industry professionals, a reference and planning tool like the Online Gambling Events Directory and Conference Directory is an invaluable resource.


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