Hotels unsure over pokies plans

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hotels-unsure-over-pokies-plansThe issue of whether the Australian government should be able to control your life as far as gambling is concerned continues to roll on. Their plan, which involves limiting problem gambling through pre-commitment on pokies, might as well mean they take over a person’s brain after a complex surgical procedure.

After reports claimed the gambling industry would miss out to the tune of a few billion dollars, the hotel industry have now given an estimate on how much they think they will lose. The Australian Hotels Association believe that it will cost them $4bn to comply with the new guidelines

Association spokesperson John Whelan, told the Parliamentary inquiry: “What’s being asked of the industry this time around will involve a multi-billion dollar capital cost,” while also explaining that half of all the machines would need to be replace.

“It’s very unlikely that those many venues or most venues around [have] the cash to do that, and it’s equally unlikely that the banks will lend them the money to fund that capital cost.”

The government right now must feel like they don’t have a friend in the world. The gambling industry won’t be particularly happy at what’s taking place, Betfair already explaining that voluntary pre-commitment is a much better way to go.

This was after the association of members clubs had told the inquiry that they were to miss a whole load of dough if the plans were to go through. Can they not recognize that you get to play the best game of “playing God” ever invented?


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