Bosh returns to the ACC

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Chris BoshIf the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh were looking forward to a break on their current road trip, tonight is that “give me” game. Tonight the Miami Heat will be in Toronto to play the Raptors, Chris Bosh’s former team.

You can expect the Toronto fans to boo him for the most part, that’s what they are best at doing. You can also expect Bosh and the Heat to put a serious beat-down on the Raptors, a team that just seems to get worse and worse every single year.

You can’t even argue that Chris Bosh made the Raptors a competitive team, so it almost doesn’t make sense why the fans at the ACC will boo Bosh tonight. And they will. Just like they boo Vince Carter, but Carter at least took the Raptors past the first round of the playoffs, in 2001, where they advanced to the Eastern Conference Semi-finals.

As for Bosh, I’ll give him credit, he balled out when he was Toronto, he’s the franchise leader in almost every meaningful statistical category, except the one that means the most, playoff series wins.

If the Raptors fans are going to boo Chris Bosh or anyone else tonight, my only hope is that they boo their GM as well, a GM that knew years in advance that Bosh was going to leave and yet was able to get nothing for him. Make no mistake, he knew, everyone knew, and those who didn’t know Bosh was going to leave, Steven A. Smith told them so point blank, there’s no excuses, no explanations on this one.

They should boo their GM who seems to be rebuilding the franchise every single year. They should boo their GM for firing Sam Mitchell and paying Hedo Turkoglu and a guy that didn’t even play in the league last year, Linas Kleiza, way too much money. They should boo their own team for making Chris Bosh look like a back-to-back league MVP, by sporting a record of 15-40, which is just six wins ahead of the Cavs a team that just finished losing 26 games straight!

The enemy of the Raptors has never been former players, it’s always been the front office.


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