B.C. Lottery fixes online security problems

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BC-Lottery-fixes-online-security-problemsA recent investigation by B.C.’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, claims that the company did not take adequate steps to ensure the privacy of gamblers wagering on the site. The BCLC has even fessed up to the lax security, claiming that PlayNow experienced more than 130 data crossovers that allowed gamers to see the personal information of other players, according to the Vancouver Sun.

The breach was a particularly big deal, due to the sensitive nature of the information shared and the infancy of the online gambling community in the region.

“The inherent nature and high profile of online gaming websites expose customer personal information to increased risk,” wrote Denham in an official release. “Gambling attracts the attention of organized crime and these individuals or groups have the means and the inclination to test the security of online gaming platforms.”



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