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new jersey governor chris christieThe clock keeps ticking and still there`s been no conclusion to compelling story that has become known as New Jersey`s push for legalized online gambling.  Everything has been moving forward rather smoothly in the efforts to get legislation passed,  all that was left was for Gov. Christie to sign off on the bill. It seems that`s where the story has ended for the time being.  How will this story end? We polled the question, ” What will NJ Governor Chris Christie do with the Online Gambling Bill?”  Here are the results.

53 per cent are optimistic about the outcome and felt that Governor Christie would indeed sign the bill into law.

37 per cent believe the Governor will take a more passive approach and let the bill become law without actually signing off on it.

10 per cent of the voters felt Christie would provide a sad ending to this story and veto the bill.

The clock is still ticking and we`re still waiting for Christie to make his move. Without question he`s considering his reputation, and is probably apprehensive about being the one to sign in history. That said, there`s many that believe this will go down regardless of Christie, it`s just nobody seems to know exactly when. From the looks of things, I wouldn`t hold my breath.


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