Angry Super Bowl fans sue NFL and Cowboys

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It wasn’t just the Pittsburgh Steelers fans that were crying and gnashing their teeth after the Packers took home the Lombardi trophy,
hundreds of Super Bowl ticket holding fans were forced out of their seats, and now they’re demanding retribution from the NFL.
The lawsuit alleges breach of contract, fraud and deceptive sales practices.

Some of these disgruntled fans actually paid upwards of $100K for licensed seats, but instead received seats with obstructed views or were forcedto standing room areas only. I think it goes without saying, that’s a shitload of money to pay just to stand and watch a game, or to watch a game with a pole or partition in front of your face.

The Dallas News reports that the plantiffs are seeking $5 million from the NFL and that up to 1,000 fans may join the suit.

As for the 400 ticket-holders who weren’t given seats, the NFL and Jerry Jones have tried to appease them by giving them two options by the league, either shut-up, or be killed by snipers.

That offer was rejected…

The real options were to either accept $2,400 which was triple the face value of their ticket and a free, transferable ticket to next year’s Super Bowl, or a free, non-transferable ticket to any future Super Bowl, plus round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations to that game.

There’s one thing the NFL can’t give these upset fans, and that’s a chance to watch the Packers play Steelers in Super Bowl XLV, and that’s a damn shame. On the bright side, at least the missed the Halftime Show.

I can’t imagine just how sick to the stomach one would feel to be in the building and not be able to see the game after you broke the bank to be there.

It’s kind of like going to a brothel to watch the girls play cards and iron clothes, that’s not what you came there to see, that’s not what you’re paying for.

They probably would have been better off spending that money to throw an Ultimate Super Bowl Party instead.


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