Sony’s Playstation phone could be the future of online gambling

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Sonys-Playstation-phone-could-be-the-future-of-online-gamblingNow, a new phone from Sony looks to cram even more bullshit into one device, and the iGaming business is taking notice. The Sony Xperia play, known colloquially as the Playstation phone, is a handheld gaming smartphone that hopes to turn the portable gaming world on its ear.

The Android-powered smartphone features a slide out key panel that resembles a first generation playstation controller with a laptop-style tracking pad in the center.

Users will be able to download games, music and other content from both Sony’s Playstation Game Suite and the Android Marketplace, granting the device instant access to a number of online gambling applications currently available to Droid users.

The phone will officially launch on February 13.



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