Chuck E. Cheese Meets Online Gambling

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yoomeeIf you’ve ever said to yourself, “Gee, the only thing missing from my online gambling experience is a giant animatronic rat slinging shitty pizzas at an outrageous markup,” then you are in luck. Online gaming upstart YouMee Games is vowing to bring the innocence of arcade gaming to the online gambling community, even vowing to be the “Chuck E. Cheese of the internet” in a recent press release.

The San Francisco-based company’s business model, has gamers placing wagers by purchasing “tokens” that can be used to access a growing roster of puzzle and word games. The games are tournaments for which the winners receive tickets that can be traded for cash or prizes.

For the most part, the prizes are better than the shitty plastic mustaches or Chinese finger traps from the Rat’s place, often ranging from Amazon gift cards to digital cameras, but most tickets will likely be traded in for cash.

This gaming structure is nothing new, as Japanese Pachinko parlors have employed similar roundabout logic to maneuver around that country’s strict gambling laws.

“It’s completely skill-based competition. It’s legal,” said company founder Prita Uppal. “All the casual games you see and play on the Web are skill games – so, you can wage and compete and earn money.”


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