Super Bowl Commercials wow viewers

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Unless you live in Canada where the Super Bowl commercials are lame and as dry as cardboard, you were likely thrilled and thoroughly entertained during the Super Bowl commercial breaks. As the most coveted and primetime air spots in all the land Super Bowl commercial time always produces some of the most memorable 30 second spots of the year.

The Darth Vader Volkswagon commercial was a big hit, but the dogs stole the show. Dogs were a big theme this year, as both Doritos and Bud Light featured the furry bitches in their spots.

As a personal preference, the Bud Light commercial got my vote, and that’s not just because of the gambling, drinking and carrying on featured in the commercial. Here we go!

Both ads were a huge hit with viewers and many considered these two Super Bowl ads to be the best.

As we take out our crystal ball and try and peer into the future of our industry, having gaming industry ads placed during the Super Bowl is exactly where we want to be. We’ve continued to see growth in our industry particularly in its involvement in mainstream media. Logically, this is the next great leap for the gaming industry. This is the level of mainstream advertising and noteriety that the online gaming industry must aspire to achieve as its stature continues to grow and becomes more mainstream globally.

Perhaps we’re closer than we think. After all, did endorse Bodog’s odds for the Super Bowl.

Is an online gambling commercial spot during the biggest sporting and gambling event of the year that far off?


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