Sports books backing 3D horse racing

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bookmakers-back-3d-racing3D TV is currently one thing that News Corporation chief Rupert Murdoch seems to be doing right as subscribers to Sky 3D have hit around 70,000 in the first few months it’s been around. We already saw last year the world of poker is exploring 3D, as well as producers of pornographic videos thinking about it. The latest industry to look at it might surprise some though.

The horse racing industry isn’t having the best of times right now, with the debate over the horse race levy rolling on with no end in sight. This is before you even consider anything that’s going on with the Tote. According to an article in The Guardian, horse racing might be about to get a 3D shot in the arm.

A company is offering the first 3D experience of horse racing to customers of a small amount of electrical stores in East Anglia, and are claiming it will get the interest of people who otherwise don’t follow racing. What does the sports betting industry at large think about all this though?

The most recent company to decide to go public, Betfair, is never too far from a good thing, and their head of B2B sales, Simon Miller said: “We believe that the quality and the levels of engagement that the TV-viewing experience offers to sports fans has a direct impact on their betting behaviour.”

He also added that any developments in this area would be monitored “with interest.”

Sportsbook StanJames are equally as optimistic about the prospect of the 3D horse racing being available.

“I’ve got to say that we’d be all for 3D horse racing. Horse racing has a perception among some as being an old man’s sport, when in fact it is one of the most thrilling and action-packed sports out there,” said spokesperson Garry McGibbon.

He continued: “Anything that could push horse racing to a wider audience would get a big thumbs up from us, and as a modern forward-thinking company like ourselves we love the idea of horse racing taking a big 3D leap forward!”

Having been in the industry for a number of years William Hill are also a valued opinion on the topic.

Spokesperson Kate Miller spoke to us about 3D racing, and commented: “Whilst the screen of Horse Racing in 3D is unlikely to generate additional betting turnover, we suspect that it could appeal to a different generation of Sports and Technology Fans who have yet to be introduced to the sport.

“Racing is a vibrant, and visually impressive sport that will translate beautifully on the 3D screens and we look forward to seeing the impact it creates.”

We’ll leave the final word to Betfred though.

Mark Pearson, spokesperson for the company, summed it all up well by saying: “The punters will love it if they back more winners in 3D, but seriously we think it’s a fantastic idea. We’ve already put in a special 3D lounge in our new flagship shop in central London and the punters love it.”

There you have it then. With the industry unanimous in their support, it can‘t be long until this catches on.


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