Jose Mestre is the ToteSport Affiliates Guitar Hero Champ!

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guitar_hero_jose_mestre…and the winner of the Totesport Affiliates Guitar Hero Championship is Jose Mestre of EducaPoker!

On Friday at the London Affiliate Conference delegates lined up at the Totesport Affiliates booth for their chance to become the ultimate Guitar Hero Champion in iGaming affiliate industry land. After an impressive day of competition on Friday, the semi-finalists Jose Mestre vs. James Little and Felicity Vowles vs. Arusha Iqba battled it out and top scoring Mestre and Vowles went head to head for the finals.

It was a very close contest, but in the end Mestre was crowned the champ and was rewarded with his very own Wii and Guitar Hero package. “I just hope I can fit this prize in my suitcase!” joked a very excited Mestre during an interview with straight after his victory.

totesport_affiliates_logoCongrats to a well deserved win by Mestre and to see how you, your colleague, your friend and/or your enemy scored in the competition, feel free to browse through all the results below. ROCK ON!

Day 1 Contestants:
Cjay Andrews: 88114 (did not attend day 2 of LAC)
Jose Mestre: 84014
James Little: 78813
Niall O’Gribin: 78087
Konrad Paruck: 77795
Richard Wienburg: 76823
Johannes Schifer: 74829
Kasper Kjeldsen: 74354
Josh Cartu: 71061
Mark Gentry: 69336
David Worsley: 65756
Neil Roberts: 65425
Roy Murphy: 64785
Miko Salo: 62219
Dom Hodgson: 61319
Gianluca: 59613
Benjamin Jax: 58731
Ian O’Farrell: 57823
Henry Pemberton: 56889
Mark Klein: 55497
Tom Zakheym: 53336
Ben Smith: 49562
Edward Squires: 47967
John Copeland: 45666
David Cartu: 45152
Mariane Xuerof: 44866
Ran Amiran: 43411
Iain Wilcox: 42723
Felicity Vowles: 41644
Arusha Iqbal: 41620
Karen Bray: 40457
Dan Wienburg: 39687
Hawley Shipilo: 38691
Steven James: 36458
Roi Rintzley: 36314
Mike Elaff: 33980
Mike Jones: 32554
James Heath: 30708
Josh Heaton: 28669
Tumer Sussun: 23277
Alessandra Bruno: 23100
Helen Ross: 22685
Gian Perrtni: 21204
Barnabas Nayr: 20339
Dan Hurley: 17527

Semi Finalists:
Jose Mestre vs. James Little
Felicity Vowles vs. Arusha Iqba

Jose Mestre vs. Felicity Vowles

Guitar Hero CHAMP!
Jose Mestre


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