Casino New Brunswick embraces the community

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casino brunswickIn Western Canada, casinos aren’t just places people go to gamble. In fact, it’s not at all uncommon for the casino to the spot where young people and older people will meet for pre-drinks before going out to the bars. The environment is a social atmosphere, a party atmosphere and people go to the casinos to mingle with friends.

It’s a slight contrast in comparison to casinos on the Eastern coast of Canada, as Cameron Uhren, chief operations officer of Casino New Brunswick tells the Times Transcript. Uhren believes his casino is more like the ones out west.

Where casinos in Ontario tend to succeed based on a clientele with plenty of disposable income, those out west find success by building a social atmosphere that draws a greater number of people on a regular basis to enjoy not only gambling, but also entertainment, food and drink, Uhren says.

“Our core product is not gaming, our core product is entertainment as a whole.”

“Our success is going to be supported by ensuring that we become (part of) the fabric of the community, or finding ways to support the community or getting patronage that is coming on more of a repetitive basis to enjoy the entertainment that we have,” Uhren explains.

To be frank, it will be crucial for Casino NB to take on that community feel especially if the province decides to move forward with online gambling. Online gambling can be done from the comfort of one’s own home and still be social with other friends playing online. That’s very difficult to compete with unless Casino NB can provide its own unique experience.

Uhren remains positive about the future of his casino. The market in Moncton is viable and he believes that with the direction Casino NB is heading, the casino will be a strong tourism draw for the city and province of New Brunswick.


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