ICE introduces us to “the next best thing to being there”

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seven-sport-mediaWhen you’re watching sport it’s highly likely, unless you’re part of the puritanical movement, you might have indulged in a bit of betting once in a while.

Although, when you’re betting on a number of events all happening at the same time it’s a struggle to watch them all at one time without looking like the cross between someone at the head of an evil regime and a weird CCTV operator.

If you don’t want to look like that person, help is well and truly at hand. Exhibiting at today’s ICE show is a small company from Florida called Seven Sport Media, who offer just that. We spoke to President of the operation, Robin Roy just a couple of hours ago, who said:

“We provide a real-time representation of a game that’s going on, designed specifically for in-play betting, so that a gaming company can keep customers on their site after they place a bet.

“Everyone who likes betting wants to follow their games and all the games won’t be on in one city. This gives those punters an opportunity to watch their games on the betting website.”

Like most other operators at the conference, Roy is debuting a new product in his case an in-play product for Premier League soccer.

As for the show itself, Robin Roy likes ICE Totally Gaming (via Facebook)

“Coming here to a show like this, it would usually take one year of telephone calls to reach the top level that I reach in three days here.”


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