Gambling Commission clarifies what betting shops can offer

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gambling-commissionWhen the Gambling Commission decide that the time is right for them to preach to the masses many use it as an excuse for an annual piss up in honour of the sport of gambling. Others, even if they don’t want to, feel obliged to sit up and take notice. The remainder… does both.

Recently there’ve been a number of rumours flying around the betting shop fraternity of shops trying to diversify into other areas. One company has been offering live ferret racing in their establishments, another tag team steel cage leprechaun wrestling, and lastly one has women in the front windows guiding the punters in. The Gambling Commission has had to step in after one too many leprechauns trotted into their local emergency centre’s with mysterious injuries.

To cover their tracks, the Gambling Commission have stated that after the rejection of applications from two local authorities they felt it was only right to clarify what the position on betting shops is, in line with the Commission’s License Conditions and Codes of Practice.

The Gambling Commission’s Director of Regulation, Nick Tofiluk said: “These cases are a reminder to licensed betting operators that betting must be the primary gambling activity on their betting premises.

“Those seeking to operate betting premises where betting appears not to be the primary gambling activity can expect to face difficulties in being granted a premises license and are likely to attract further regulatory attention from the Gambling Commission.”

When we hear of anymore madcap plans being carried out by betting shops you will be the first to know. For now you’ll just have to try and find out where the steel cage matches are taking place.


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