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TAGs: Jeremy Hunt, UK Gambling Commission

Jeremy Hunt is hell bent on stopping all offshore gambling companies from being able to advertise in the UK. As always it’s the same cry, “Think of the children!”

But what’s really behind this move? Given the fact that offshore gambling companies aren’t licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, perhaps the UK is a little tired of not getting a piece of that offshore gaming pie. J Todd gives a fair warning that anytime a government tries to make changes to a multi-billion dollar industry in the middle of the game, citing the safety of children and the public, watch out!

New Brunswick can sit on the fence and watch Quebec all they want. They can watch Quebec make money from online gambling, something they could be doing instead of watching. Besides, it’s not a monkey see-monkey-do business, you need experts to make it in this industry without embarassing yourself, isn’t that right BC?

J Todd gives a vote of no confidence for California moving online poker legislation, but on the East coast, with a signature from Gov. Christie, New Jersey is on the verge of being the first state to be regulated. How’s that for a change? New Jersey is actually ahead of California in something other than greasy haired, roided out, douchebags.

Lastly, E-WalletXpress comes clean. Customers have been unable to get their cash or log into their accounts for some time now, finally, a straight answer “The US Feds took the money”. No surprises there, let’s hope those customers eventually get their money back.


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