Poker magazine expects 800% spike after online launch

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Canada has been one of the countries that in recent times have begun to take online gambling bets. The effort has had mixed results in some provinces, namely British Colombia, meaning that other states like Ontario are now being as stringent as they can at every stage. The US’s neighbors don’t seem to be able to put a foot wrong when it comes to poker pro’s though.

This all culminated in the WSOP November Nine being won by Montreal-native Jonathan Duhamel and the city rejoicing as if the Canadiens had scored a goal – come on we weren’t going to go all hyperbolic and compare it to them winning the Coupe de Stanley.

It’s no surprise then that Canadian Poker Player magazine and the Canadian Poker Player Television Network have announced an online version of their magazine to supplement the version in print.

It’s thought that the readership will increase by an almost unbelievable 800%. Anyone else in the gambling industry blurting out this figure would be laughed off the stage but the perilous state of the publishing industry right now might be such that this is true.

The past year has seen them positioning themselves in many of Canada’s major poker rooms and casinos. As such it is now the exclusive magazine in nine of these establishments.

Their website,, is the place to go to view the latest version of the magazine, including a segment on recent WSOP bracelet winner Gavin Smith. It will be interesting to see which fares better out of the magazine and Duhamel. Clue: it will likely be the one that doesn’t have a sponsorship deal with PokerStars.


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