Blushbomb launches new Vacation U.S.A. game

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Though it isn’t too rare for American high schoolers to spend a few days in London as a part of some school trip, it’s a bit less common that Brits head to the colonies to sample what the U.S. is all about (bacon cheeseburgers, violence and the Jersey Shore). Well online gamblers in the UK can get a taste of the American life without the spray tan, as Blushbomb has announced the release of a new online slot titled “Vacation USA.”

The concept behind the game is an adventurous road trip across America in the vein of Jack Kerouac, Easy Rider and National Lampoon’s Vacation. The 10-payline slot has four reels and two bonus rounds and features what can best be described as clipart of what someone who’s never visited the country would think of America.

Players on a hot streak will open up the Route 40, and eventually Route 80 bonus symbols, which offer big cash and prizes, including free trips to “big cash hotspots” in the U.S., according to the site’s press release.


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