Stossel thinks legalized gambling in USA a no brainer

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johnstosselIt will likely be few and far between the times in which I personally will turn to Fox News for my daily fix of news and objective opinions. But interestingly enough, when it comes to the subject of legalizing online gambling in the United States, Fox News and John Stossel are pretty much, bang on.

In an article Stossel wrote, entitled “Legal Sports Betting?” he was asked to answer three questions by Bill O’Reilly, the questions pertained to legal sports betting and whether it should, 1.) be legalized 2.)Should there be more casinos and lastly 3.) If it was a legit way for the government to raise more tax revenue.

Obviously, any industry professional could have given answers to those questions, but Stossel did more than just give basic answers in his article, he completely broke down why it’s absolute nonsense that the US hasn’t already legalized sportsbetting and for that matter, online gambling and online poker.

Here are some of the great lines from Stossel’s article, he writes “Good luck to New Jersey. Allowing consenting adults to bet is part of freedom.”

In regards to the states that ban social gambling, Stossel writes ” half of the states ban “social gambling,” i.e. a game between friends. That’s nuts. I bet on every football game every weekend (I bet with a friend so I don’t pay a bookie’s 5%). More Americans (est. 50M) play poker – more than those who play golf or tennis. Okay, gambling hurts some people. But if we ban things because some people are hurt, why don’t we ban alcohol? Smoking? Fatty foods? Sex? The stock market?”

He sums the article up nicely with a nice jab at lotteries, Stossel writes “Finally, politicians who ban betting are hypocrites, since 43 states run lotteries. State lotteries are the worst form of gambling. They prey on poor people and give horrible odds. States take as much as 50% of the money. Yet the states ADVERTISE their scam: “Add millions to your jackpot!” And, “Now get out there and play!” Disgusting.”

Common sense isn’t always common, but Stossel’s article echoes what our industry has been shouting forever, check this article out by clicking here.


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