Oregon’s new court blinds viewers

TAGs: ncaa, Oregon basketball court, Tink Hatfield

Oregon might have been better served if they spent $237 million making it rain on strippers than they are by their new basketball court. Sure, the court designed by Tink Hatfield is impressive to look at, if you’re in the building, but what if you can’t see it on TV? That could never happen, there’s professionals that look and plan for that sort of thing, at least, one would assume. Instead, for some reason sound planning was abandoned when the color scheme for the court was implemented. Television viewers were treated to the glaring gaff that is supposed to be the Oregon basketball court.

The image on television of the games looks like a XBox 360 glitch. Sponsored by Nike, the Oregon program has been looking to make a bigger impact in the NCAA and build the school’s reputation, consider what you are about to see as one giant step backward in that endeavour.

Imagine all the “lifted” West Coasters tuning in to this game thinking they’re having a seizure. Bravo Oregon, that should drive the of the price of the TV contract. Who wouldn’t love to be blinded from watching a basketball game on TV?


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