iGaming Business presents webinar on New Jersey

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igaming-business-nj-webinarNew Jersey announced early this year that they were going to be the ones to be first dipping their feet in the rather luxurious pond that the gambling industry has provided to anyone that wants to have a go. It may seem to some as if it’s like the tree of forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden but Earth turned out in the end to be a pretty good planet as they go.

With the newly regulated intrastate iGaming market in New Jersey, there are bound to be plenty in the industry that are not completely familiar with all facets of the legislation. This is where iGaming Business (iGB) have come in and saved the day for anyone who doesn’t a clue about all of it.

Presented by Joe Brennan Jr. iMEGA, iGB are presenting a webinar entitled New Jersey – America’s first regulated iGaming Market. Brennan’s presentation, which will take place next Wednesday, January 19 from 1500-1615 GMT, will first of all look at how we’ve got where we are now with the legislation.

The presentation will also look at the future for both regulated and deregulated gaming in the USA, the topics covered will include the process of getting a bill to law, what’s happened so far, where we currently are, and what happens when it becomes law.

Places are limited, so anyone wanting to take part in the webinar would be well advised to sign up ASAP at the following link:


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