Spanish Aragon approves online gambling

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spain-flagSo much for Spanish regulation of online gambling being handled collectively at the national level, the Spanish region of Aragon says ‘nuts to that’. Aragon is doing what Aragon wants to do, and their approving what Aragon wants to approve, call it their own Spanish mini revolution.

Instead of waiting to see how online gambling regulation would unfold at the national level, Aragon has approved new betting legislation that encompasses online gambling and all it’s glory. It’s one of the perks of having the label ‘autonomous’, which from what I gather, means “do whatever the fuck you like” in Spanish.

With the Spanish Lottery damn near being recession proof thus far, the next logical step would seemingly be to dive head-first into internet gambling, at least that’s what Aragon might have been reasoning. Aragon has been doing it’s own thing for some time so this shouldn’t come as a major surprise. But it’s a bit of slight to the Spanish government, which to it’s credit has made an effort, particularly in the last year to build a national licensing and control regime for internet gambling.


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