Full Tilt former employee in hot water

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full-tilt-former-employeeDue to the fast moving nature of the gambling industry as a whole, people moving between companies in the industry is a regular occurrence. It’s not that they’re trying to make it feel like the football transfer window it’s just that many feel the need for change at one time or another in their life. Who doesn’t?

The company who we originally thought was staffed entirely by leprechauns standing at various ends of an everlasting rainbow, Paddy Power, has proved that real people do work for them.

As far as public companies go Paddy Power’s philosophy is’s favourite, thanks to their unpublic style. This is why it doesn’t surprise us in the slightest that there’s a story on reporting that they’re hiring staff from their competitors. Bodog have made it clear they’re hiring the best in the business therefore its no shock that others are following suit and if there are feathers, they’re there to be ruffled.

The story itself is that former web operations manager at Full Tilt Poker (FTP), Niall Humphreys, is being restrained by the global poker giant for sharing confidential information aka secrets.

FTP, who employ 700 at a base in Dublin, have made the accusation that Humphreys emailed sensitive company data to a personal account, thus breaching his contract. Sharing secrets is not something that we agree with here on the tablog, but we very much doubt there are many secrets involved.

Its pretty obvious what FTP does, its actually doing it that’s hard as FTP is in the Poker business and the network effect gives companies protection, even if they are not necessarily the best and brightest. Therefore, FTP is probably wasting its time here.


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