U.S. may soon be gambling online, Tejas style!

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U.S.-may-soon-be-gambling-online,-Tejas-styleTexas is the bastion of conservative pride in the States thanks to its separatist leanings, overtly Christian morals and a deeply held nationalism that actually led Governor Rick Perry to threaten secession when that commie Obama had the nerve to offer stimulus funding to the Lone Star State – the balls on that guy, right? Yet, Texas state legislators will see several new casino gambling bills cross their paths in the coming months and industry analysts are liking their chances.

While legalization in Texas would be a victory in itself, many are predicting the move could set off a domino effect across conservative states that could signal a nationwide shift on the gaming industry as a whole. Sources are claiming that the adoption of gaming laws by one of the country’s most hesitant states would signal a changing of the guard that could allow for more progressive legislation on the subject.

What’s the next logical step following nationwide legalization of casino gambling? You guessed it, cock fighting. Wait that’s not right, I meant online gambling.



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