NoiQ to offer players tax-free winnings

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noiq-offer-tax-free-winningsTo differentiate yourselves from other poker sites operating in Europe you must have something different. Bodog are currently priding themselves on getting the best people in the business to work for them, PokerStars will let you meet Isildur1 – for a price, and if you rock up at Full Tilt Poker you might even get the chance to play against Cristiano Ronaldo. Other sites pride themselves on giving away free money and some will even give you the chance to win a Thai bride.

Well the last one might not be true, who knows. Until I’ve achieved the goal of being a member of every single poker site on the globe I won’t know. One site is offering their customers a very different offer to this.

NoiQ sounds like a site that won’t have the first idea about anything. Well their new plans are either going to make them look stupid or could be a stroke of genius. After moving to Malta, and registering through the Lottery and Gaming Authority (LGA), they’re using their ability to offer customers tax-free winnings as their main selling point. The offer is available across their whole range, which includes poker, sports, betting, casino, and skill games.

“We have put a lot of time into developing our own backend and support systems and the company’s strategic processes so that in the coming period of continued consolidation, completing acquisitions and integrations is more simplified. I feel secure that in 2011, we can expand NoiQ and welcome further strategic initiatives,” says NoiQ CEO Robin Larsson.

Now what goes into “developing” their “backend” is unclear, but if it’s anything vulgar they may well be starting to develop a different demographic altogether.


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