Arsenal put on a show for the cameras as they batter Chelsea


arsenal-beat-chelseaIf like me you are this morning trying to get the sight of smiling Arsenal fans out of your head then don’t worry – their day will come in February and March against the Catalunyan might of Barcelona. As far as Chelsea and the sports betting community are concerned, last night was a watershed.

You can imagine that the online sports book providers were laughing all the way to any bank that’s open today. Arsenal versus Chelsea usually means being treated to schooling in how to rough up the opponents by Didier Drogba. He could win an Oscar for it, so good is the usual performance. Last night it was far from the usual.

By the time Drogba had floated in a free kick for Branislav Ivanovic to head in, Arsenal was already three goals to the good with it looking like only a matter of time until a fourth, fifth, and sixth went in.

It’s little surprise that the final whistle has moved William Hill to label Chelsea’s manager Carlo Anceloutti, and shorten his odds of being in the Stamford Bridge hot seat come the end of the season to 5/6.

“The longer Chelsea’s win-less run lasts the less secure Carlo Ancelotti’s long-term employment prospects at Stamford Bridge become,” said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

The amount of twists this season’s title race has had you wouldn’t be surprised were Chelsea to somehow come back and win the thing, it’s going to take a lot though. One thing’s for sure – if you didn’t lock up your wife or girlfriend last night in North London, an angry John Terry was on loose, looking to charm the pants off anyone of them with a pulse. You have been warned.