Just what has the University of Hawaii marching band been smoking?

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university-hawaii-smokingWe remember the marching band from our alma mater. Suffice it to say, it was not exactly the place talented musicians went to satisfy a burning need for artistic expression. The biggest trick in their playbook was a bastardized version of the Hokey Pokey… You put the trombone in, you pull the trombone out… Riveting stuff.

Anyway, we can’t help but notice that the University of Hawaii Marching Band shares a geographical home with a very potent form of marijuana known as Maui Wowie. Draw your own conclusions from the following video. FYI, the Hawaii Warriors play the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve, but the team might want to avoid the band’s locker room before the game, for fear that they might become ‘lethargic’.


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