ASA tightens grip on marketing online gambling in the UK

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ASA-tightens-grip-on-marketing-online-gambling-in-the-UKThe ASA, presumably also known as “those assholes” by some members of the iGaming community, is tightening their already stringent rules on the online advertisements for virtual casinos, card rooms and bookies. The organization can already impose sanctions on email offers, pop-ups and search listings, and will now be allowed to further sanction non-compliant businesses – going so far as to place their own ads in place of a non-compliant casino, something known in the industry as “a dick move.”

Advertising specialist John Enser tells that the move will be largely ineffectual against foreign service providers, but will cause problems for companies based in the UK.

“What could happen is if a UK bookmaker, registered offshore, is doing something naughty on its own website, the ASA could threaten to block the operator’s access to UK media space,” he said.


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