Advocates break the bank on lobbying for online gambling

TAGs: HR 2267 bill, Poker Players Alliance

Advocates-break-the-bank-on-lobbying-for-online-gamblingAccording to the report, a collection of 43 special interest groups dropped more than $4.2 million on either pro- or anti-online gambling lobbying in the second quarter of 2010, up slightly from the 36 groups that shelled out money in favor of or opposed to the pending legislation at the beginning of the year.

While around 80 percent of that money was spent by pro-gambling sources, the biggest story is Harrah’s Entertainment. The gaming giant, and owner of the World Series of Poker brand, has initially shat on the idea of legalized online gambling, but has since come around and dropped an impressive $1 million in support of the passage of Representative Barney Frank’s HR 2267 bill.

Other groups making a push to legalizing iGaming in the U.S. include the Poker Players Alliance, the UC Group and even Mastercard.


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