Loophole means Malta-based gambling sites don’t have to pay

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Malta-based-gambling-sites-don't-have-to payAn unnamed German gamer was playing the Jackpot Poker progressive casino game on the Maltese website when he hit a €167,500 jackpot on his 20th spin. Casino staff allegedly encouraged the man to keep gaming, but the gamer, who shall henceforth be referred to as Fritz, declined only to have his winnings confiscated and account shut two weeks later.

Fritz had been accused of gambling with funds “illegally” won from the casino’s blackjack game, an activity he had participated in since 2003, according to After complaining to the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Fritz was told his case could not proceed as Maltese law claims that gambling debts are not enforceable.

Casino Club has accused Fritz of being part of an “unspecified” fraud ring, having more than one account and using bots to play the online casino’s games. For his part, the anonymous Fritz has vowed to fight the charges in a Maltese court.



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