Gambling Commission releases end of year figures

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gambling-commission-2010-figuresAs a group, the UK’s Gambling Commission have in the past been accused of being rather transparent and ducking away from coverage every once in a while. One of their campaigns saw them donning Men in Black suits and simply calling themselves the “Commish,” but Christmas comes most years, meaning that they feel the need to release their figures on the gambling industry as a whole, including the remote sector which is where we’ll be found lurking.

Remote gambling is of course the fancy-pants name they’ve decided to give the iGaming industry for the purposes of their report, and if I’m honest it doesn’t sound anywhere near as fun as something that can point to having a capital as the second letter of the word!

The industry as a whole has seen the number of operators rise from 366 to 432, as of 31st March 2010, the actual figures themselves don’t look that good though. The Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) for remote betting, bingo and casino was down 11% to £634m in 2009/10, from £714m the previous year. However, the amount being wagered by customers, not including betting exchanges, did grow 18% in 2009/10, which is one bit of good news to come from the figures.

A link to the full report is available here.


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