Christian endorsed trading platform excludes gaming companies


christian-trading-platformGermany’s one of those places that from the outside looks as though it might be quite a fun place to go around October time. If stein after stein of cold smooth lager served to you by voluptuous women inside huge tents whilst you chomp down your own weight in bratwurst is what you’re after then the motherland is the place you should go. However, if you’re an online gambling company or want to start up your own brothel, right now it might be wise to think again.

Last week saw the government unveil proposals to tax ladies of the night and if online gambling wasn’t barracked enough in certain jurisdictions, Christianity looks as though it’s having a veiled dig at the industry.

The imaginatively named Deutsche Bank (DB) have confirmed the launch of a new trading platform called Deutsche Bank Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), which targets “publicly-mindful stock traders with Christian values” according to the guys over at

In order to trade on the index there are strict regulations, set out by an autonomous Christian belief commission, and these prohibit investment in companies active in casinos, poker, and betting on sports in Germany.

I mean the slow progress they seem to be making with the Internet gaming industry may well be very successful in the end for Germany. Of course, we wouldn’t endorse any public floatation of the company as it is. On the flip side, there’s probably no way in hell that a Christian belief commission would ever endorse the kind of drunken debauchery that goes on at iGaming industry parties. Lucky they seem content to operate in the public sector then isn’t it?