iGB Affiliate Awards voting ends Monday

iGB Affiliate Awards of the year

iGB Affiliate Awards of the yearThe month of January is sure to be one that won’t forget if you’re part of the iGaming industry, with conferences, parties, and awards ceremonies going on as if someone has reported that they’re a valuable commodity that’ll son be running out. Once you’ve attended one of the parties though, you’ll soon understand why there’s an unquenchable appetite for these types of events.

One taking place towards the end of January will be the iGB Affiliate Awards, which are part of the wider London Affiliate Conference that will be taking over the centre of the iGaming Universe. As with all awards ceremonies there’s plenty of voting to be done before hand, and for this set of awards your time will be up come Monday.

You can vote, at this link, for:

• Best Affiliate Manager
• Best Affiliate Program
• Best Affiliate Network
• The Lou Fabiano Award for the Best iGaming Community
• Best Newcomer: Affiliate Program
• Best Newcomer: Affiliate
• Best Payment System

When you’re choosing whom to vote for you might notice a site not too far from here up for an award (it’s for the Best iGaming Community, wink wink, nudge nudge). So once you’ve voted for whoever you want to CalvinAyre.com, kick back and wait for the January sales to buy some glad rags to rock up to the awards in.