German Gov’t pimps hookers

As if German hookers don’t have it Hard enough, they work Hard all day and night, and let’s face it, it’s not exactly the safest profession. What do I know about German prostitution? I know pimpin and slanging that poon ain’t easy to make that cake, and it’s about to get harder, with the new taxes the German government has levied on prostitutes, this might translate to higher sex prices, as if it wasn’t hard enough to get laid.

With a 100 million in euro debt on its hands, and people still making war jokes, the German government did what any reasonable government would do, tax hookers. Though, the fact that people are still making war jokes towards ze Germans likely had very little if any bearing on the decision to tax hookers, it’s worth mentioning here, because they did try and take over the world, twice.

But now instead of pillaging countries, the German government is pillaging the cleavage pockets of hookers and shaking them down with a “pleasure tax” that requires prostitutes in Dortmund to purchase a 6 euro “day ticket” for each day they work, or face a potential fine.

Now don’t get it twisted, Germany is a beautiful place to visit today and has been for years. The people are amongst the friendliest in Europe, and everything is designed and engineered extremely well. Of course, they’re still working out the whole online sports gambling regime, but they’re coming along, slowly, but surely in that regard as well, one would hope. But taxing hookers for economic stimulus? Really?

I guess it’s funny to someone from across the pond where we see the opposite, where people are arrested for sex with hookers. In Germany and many other parts of the Europe, prostitution is legal and sex workers must pay tax on their income. Cologne introduced a 150 euro “pleasure tax” on sex workers in 2004 and later added a 6 euro day tax option for part-time prostitutes. Part time prostitues? Secretary by day, and whore by night, probably a decent way to supplement that income.

The tax on hookers is expected to raise 750,000 euros to the government’s coffers each year. But what if the hookers went on strike? There would be a lot of German men not having sex with foreign women, or having sex at all. We wouldn’t sexually repressed men marching in Germany again now would we.