Maybe ball players shouldn’t talk politics

Baseball players are generally under-rated athletes, with great hand eye coordination and cannons for arms. Of course, the unique skill set of a baseball player is typically used best for, well, playing baseball. Just like you wouldn’t go to Britney Spears for parenting advice, it’s probably best not to go to rappers, football or baseball players for insightful political banter, particularly the Baltimore Orioles fielder Luke Scott.

Luke Scott recently spouted off about President Obama not being an American, but that was just the beginning of his political rant. Scott’s comments without question come from the heart, albeit, perhaps a highly un-informed one. But to paraphrase his rant wouldn’t do it justice, you just have to read it for yourself.

Given Scott’s position, I wish the interviewer would have asked him how he feels about online gambling, and see how his freedom bit holds up. Or perhaps Scott’s idea of freedom doesn’t involve people being allowed to spend their hard earned money how they please. Better yet, why not ask Pete Rose how he feels about a legislative framework that would federally legalize online gambling. Maybe Rose could provide insight and direction on how to carefully draft the legislation to satisfy all parties involved. Sound ridiculous? Yeah, maybe it would be best to just talk about how he’s the best player ever to not be in the Hall of Fame. The point is most baseball players know as much about politics as men know how it feels to be pregnant.

Scott compared Obama’s presidency to a communist regime in Russia, he also made assertions that Obama’s viewpoints are un-American and that people vote for Obama so they can receive free shit. Obviously it’s tough for the gun toting Scott with his multimillion dollar salary for swinging a bat and fielding ground balls to relate to those in a less fortunate situation, but again, he’s speaking from the heart, and you can’t fault a man for that. Scott is right about one thing, America has changed, since when did you ever hear a baseball player take shots at the president?