Bernie gets mugged, earns advertising gig


ecclestone-muggedFormula One is one of those sports that might come across to some as being rather closed to the outside. It costs millions to run one of the teams and with it comes the prestige that you’re name is rushing round a circuit. Obviously, the case of Full Tilt Poker sponsoring Virgin Racing shows that there always has to be someone at the back of the grid though.

80-year-old Bernie Ecclestone is the chief of Formula 1 accepting the high profile that comes with it. Now, you might not like Bernie, you could even detest him, but after the pensioner was mugged for his watch last month it was hard not to feel sorry for him.

His response to the mugging was to send a photo of what happened to the manufacturer Hublot with the tagline “see what people will do for a Hublot.” It’s hard to look at the photo without thinking it’s Bernie’s botched attempt at a Halloween costume, and the fact that Hublot have now turned it into an advertising campaign (see below) is all the more odd.

What does it say about the watches – if you own a Hublot you’ll get mugged and your face will look like a Panda? One of those £14.95 Casio’s from the Argos catalogue will do me fine thanks.