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celebrities-annie-duke-don-The time has come for all you cool cats that entered for the chance to win the Reporter Contest to find out your fate. For some of you it might be time to get a packet of Kleenex from the local store, although not for three lucky contestants, who can start watching re-runs of America’s Next Top Model so they can prepare an acceptance speech should they win the whole jamboree.

We can’t promise that the three of you will get gold, silver, or bronze medals, but to the winner will go the spoils and then some. If we didn’t tell you enough times already, the job will see you travelling around all the glamour destinations that are on the iGaming calendar, and a lot more besides. If partying the night away in Prague, sharing a few pints of Guinness with industry bods in Dublin, or even watching Tom Brady throw that winning touchdown in Dallas at the 2011 Super Bowl sounds like a good deal to you, then that’s what the final three are battling it out for.

Even if you didn’t manage to enter, you can still vote for the person you think would best fit in at any of these venues and here’s why each one deserves your vote.

Dana Workman has already worked on a few gigs for the tablog and as such has showed herself to be quite the competent reporter. Working for two of the biggest networks in the entire United States, FOX and CBS, shows the bags of experience she has, and with poker as one of the subjects that Dana has regularly reported on will stand her in good stead on the tablog. The humour she injects into her reports is, I’m sure you’ll agree, something we embrace whole-heartedly on the tablog.

As far as the next entry goes, Lucy-Anne Brooks is the entrant who’s closest to the centre of the iGaming universe, London. As a model, her work has included music videos, awards ceremonies, movie premieres, and you may even recognize her from this site. Lucy professes to being a fan of travelling the world and would be happy to receive your vote.

In terms of the opposite location, Asha K fits the bill perfectly. Now working out of Los Angeles, Asha’s originally from the land down under and therefore has the entire nation behind her (or so she hopes!). The first you will notice from the video is her bubbly style that has seen her on MTV, FOX, Nickelodeon, and as such has had the chance to meet many of the music world’s finest. She’s even presented trl. Good eh?

Don’t worry if it takes you a while to decide – we understand that it’s hard to choose between the three hot girls that we’ve given you as finalists. You have until 10 December to get your votes in, and the crowning ceremony will take place on the 15th.


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