Move over Vegas, Playboy opens Cancun Casino

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Just for a moment, put your annual Las Vegas trip aside and consider a trip to Cancun. If not for the beautiful scenery, the beaches, the cheap liquor and lush resorts, then do it because Playboy just opened its first casino in Cancun. I can’t hate on Vegas, but a Playboy casino in Cancun sounds almost too good to be true.

Playboy received thousands, and I mean thousands of applications from hot, sexy, busty models to work at the new casino in Mexico, in the end, only 25 were selected. Can you imagine the selection process? If we could only be a fly on the wall in that room.

The new Playboy casino will open at the Caribbean Beach Resort in Cancun, and is sure to instantly become one of the hottest spots to hit up in Mexico, particularly once Spring Break comes around. Gamblin, drinkin, carryin on with hot playboy models, cocktail waitresses, and a bunch of really hot, girls gone wild college girls…Need I say anymore? Looks like Cancun just put itself of on the annual road trip list, we’ll just have to substitute it in for the second annual Vegas road trip, sorry Vegas.


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